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I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.

Chair Fishing with Buzz and Claude

The winner for most on the nose story title so far goes to Chair Fishing with Buzz and Claude. Set about a year before Crash Day, this story is our first look at Luke’s dad in an upright, conscious state. … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Party

Set before Lightning: Crash Day. The popular kids decide to have an ‘end of the world party’ in the summer holiday, but as the night goes on, it starts to feel more real than anyone would have wanted. Read the … Continue reading

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The Parkers Play Camel Up

I don’t just write about people with super-powers making poor life choices, I also write about role-playing and board games, mainly at Who Dares Rolls. As a bit of cross-promotion I’ve added a little Lightning prequel scene set a year … Continue reading

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The first full Tempest story, set in the same world as Lightning, but a different coast and a different family. Once again though, there’s a girl and there’s a crash, but it’s quite different. Kristen thinks that machines can talk … Continue reading

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Lightning Episode One: Crash Day

The first Lightning novella is out! This is the first of the Power + Irresponsibility season, titled, Crash Day. Seventeen years ago today, a spaceship from a war-torn planet brought several families of aliens to Earth. They all lost loved … Continue reading

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So You Decided to Spontaneously Combust in Front of your Friends (A Beginner’s Guide)

I cannot stress this enough. Do not be on fire. Continue reading

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A Gathering Storm…

Life happens, all at once and rarely when we want it. Continue reading

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Lightning is a superpowered soap opera about power and irresponsibility.

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