Lightning’s Cast

HOME: “Parker Mansion”, 23 Lighthouse Walk, Fate Cove
Helen: Fate Cove’s most eligible widow, deputy mayor, biggest caffeine addict and John Hughes expert.
Bill: The deceased husband to Helen, brother to Buzz and father to Joe and Lena, who he never had the chance to meet. He was a war hero and brought the last survivors of his kind to Earth.
Buzz: Genius coffee shop owner and worst relationship advice-giver or taker. Kirsty Dwight’s ex.
Lena: Competitive and athletic Parker twin. Physically invulnerable and socially sheltered, she’s coming out of her shell just as her powers threaten to remove all physical sensation from her.
Joe: Pop culture-loving idiot and the opposite of Lena. Best friends with Shades, secret member of a Mathletics team.

HOME: Far Shack, Fate Cove Swamps, Fate Cove
Claude: Abusive swamp-dwelling drunk.
Luke: Former teen runaway, returned home a year ago and to school only just now. Shy in a ‘feral abuse victim’ way and prone to lashing out or going invisible at inopportune times.
Vanessa: Tiny psychic smart beyond her years but still fixated with Hello Kitty memorabilia. A relentless gossip and Lena’s only friend.
“Shades”: Never takes off his sunglasses and doesn’t know what his powers are. Loves music and his BFF, Joe. He lives with the Parkers as he knows a good deal when he sees it.

HOME: Master Suite, Imperial Hotel, Fate Cove Strip, Fate Cove
Nick: The Bad Guy. Destroyer of worlds, lawyer, country club owner. He’s been toning down his evil over the years, but it’s still there.
Petra: One of the school’s elite, even if she didn’t control minds. Nick’s heir apparent.
Howard: A supreme edgelord who wants so desperately to be evil like his father.

HOME: The Lighthouse, 108 Lighthouse Walk, Fate Cove
Kirsty: Ambitious ex-reporter and ex of Buzz Parker’s. Run out of money and will do anything to get back to Fate Cove.
Cameron: Arty youth and Fate Cove local. Head in the clouds and foot on the pedal.

Sebastian Wade: Headmaster of Fate Cove High. A hippy who will play his guitar for you if you show the slightest level of interest.
Mr Claremont: English teacher who has grown to hate the students with a passion.
Asteroth Jones: Suspiciously old-looking maths jock.
Cassie Cross: Redheaded cheerleader who Joe has a doomed crush on.
Jay Bull: Multiclass jock/nerd. At home with both communities. One of the Slacker Hill regulars.
Kenny Satai: Exchange student who was left behind, the “Stunt Shades” of the Slacker Hill regulars.
Lacey Kapera: Petra’s on/off girlfriend, the smart one of her clique.
Miranda Hensley: Part of Petra’s clique; tall, quiet and politically-savvy.
Shane Simonson: Part of Petra’s clique. A well-connected idiot and expert fencer.

Lenny Brewster: Narcoleptic ultra-hipster and night manager of The Coffee Buzz.

Father Talwin: Blind priest with Daredevil powers. A former thief.
Vi Felton: Superpowered therapist and owner of the most cats.

HOME: An undisclosed location
Bob Pardon: Current leader of POE, way too invested in hunting aliens and way over-budget.
Agent Andrew Burke: One of Bob’s most trusted agents.

HOME: Tempest Inn, Prospect Point
Scott: The quietest voice in the room, Scott just wants to go out and fish.
Jenna: Hypercompetitive and hyper-fast, Jenna has way more expectations of her children than they have of themselves.
Ruben “Ru”: A trans man able to animate any of their artwork, wants to work outside the inn but unwilling to muster the effort.
Kristen: A computer telepath and the living host to the A-Word forums.
Sid: A teenage pyrokinetic with low impulse control and a need for approval.
Jade: The bookish youngest Mayburn with no idea what her powers are.

Erin Shortland: Kristen’s best/only friend, writes fan fiction, doesn’t know about A-Words.