Lightning Episode One: Crash Day

The first Lightning novella is out!

This is the first of the Power + Irresponsibility season, titled, Crash Day.

Seventeen years ago today, a spaceship from a war-torn planet brought several families of aliens to Earth. They all lost loved ones and gained super powers. They also learnt to hide amongst humankind and blend in.

A car crashes into Lena Parker, the sheltered and invulnerable daughter of the dead hero who brought the aliens to Earth.

Former teenage runaway Luke Far returns to school for the first time. He crashes into a rival family, the eccentricities of the school and spontaneous bouts of invisibility.

Then in the hospital, a man comatose for seventeen years stirs, watched by Kirsty Dwight, the black sheep of Fate Cove. When he wakes, the life these people made for themselves will never be the same.

Buy Lightning: Episode One here or read some free fiction to get a taste of Lightning’s style here.

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In the next month, there will also be more free fiction linked to the first novella as a kind of, ‘dlc’. There will be:

A post-apocalyptic-themed party the popular kids threw before episode one.

A classy adventure in chair fishing in the Fate Cove swamp.

A Tempest story about a different car incident to Lena Parker’s and technological devices plotting to kill a character.

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Lightning is a superpowered soap opera about power and irresponsibility.

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Chair Fishing with Buzz and Claude

Chair Fishing

The winner for most on the nose story title so far goes to Chair Fishing with Buzz and Claude.

Set about a year before Crash Day, this story is our first look at Luke’s dad in an upright, conscious state. Buzz and Claude meet after years apart talk about the past. They also go fishing for a chair.

Read the story here.

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Apocalypse Party

Apocalypse Party

Set before Lightning: Crash Day. The popular kids decide to have an ‘end of the world party’ in the summer holiday, but as the night goes on, it starts to feel more real than anyone would have wanted.

Read the story here.

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The Parkers Play Camel Up

Lightning Camel Up

I don’t just write about people with super-powers making poor life choices, I also write about role-playing and board games, mainly at Who Dares Rolls.

As a bit of cross-promotion I’ve added a little Lightning prequel scene set a year and a bit before Crash Day. Buzz, Helen and Lena invite Nick Morton round to play a game of Camel Up and absolutely nothing can go wrong. Honestly.

You can read The Parkers Play Camel Up here.

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Tempest 1

The first full Tempest story, set in the same world as Lightning, but a different coast and a different family.

Once again though, there’s a girl and there’s a crash, but it’s quite different. Kristen thinks that machines can talk to her, that they mean her harm.

Read the story here.

If you like this, you can read a whole novella about superpowered aliens hiding on Earth, drinking coffee, getting angsty and punching the wrong people in Crash Day, available at Amazon.

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So You Decided to Spontaneously Combust in Front of your Friends (A Beginner’s Guide)

Tempest 0

This is the first of the Tempest side-stories, about a family linked to Lightning but not currently part of the main plot. It’s a taster of the themes and concepts of Lightning, as well as being about an awkward teenager trying to impress a girl with fire. We’ve all been there, right?

Read the story here.

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A Gathering Storm…

Life happens, all at once and rarely when we want it.

Seventeen years ago a hundred super-powered survivors from a dying race fell to Earth in a storm of fire and metal as their spaceship tore itself apart in the sky. Thousands had died on the journey and as they hit Earth, so did Bill Parker. He was the war hero who manufactured the escape.
He left his pregnant wife, his brothers, his best friend and his worst enemy behind.

Seventeen years passed.
The Parkers are doing well. Helen is the deputy mayor of Fate Cove, the island town right next to where the crash happened. Her brother-in-law Buzz is super-smart but terrible at relationships. Her twin children Joe and Lena are sheltered but well-meaning.

Bill’s best friend Claude Far has become a survivalist hermit with his two children. His nemesis Nick Morton is a lawyer, the owner of a local country club and his children are high-achievers at the local high school.

They have found their place on Earth, but in their own ways are lost.

Now, all of that will change.

Life happens, all at once. On the anniversary of the crash landing to Earth, Luke Far returns to high school after years of being home schooled by his drunk father. An alien presence appears on the island, causing ripples which will shake everything up. Then, at the edges, humans are beginning to suspect something is strange on Fate Cove.

Lightning follows the stories of these three families as their lives are turned upside down. A gentle tourist town becomes the battleground of the lives and loves of these aliens and the humans around them. This is a superpowered soap opera and no one’s life is in a vacuum. A win for one family may be at the cost of another. One character’s romance may lead to heartbreak elsewhere. Or violence. Or reckless use of powers. Or all of the above.

Lightning’s first ‘season’ will be eight novellas self-published regularly in the next couple of years. I’ll be releasing first digitally on Amazon and work out the rest from there.

Follow this site for news of when each episode is released, also for free fiction set in the Lightningverse. Or alternatively follow me on social media where I’ll announce these releases and rambling oddly about things. You can find all of those details here.

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