Lightning Episode One: Crash Day

The first Lightning novella is out!

This is the first of the Power + Irresponsibility season, titled, Crash Day.

Seventeen years ago today, a spaceship from a war-torn planet brought several families of aliens to Earth. They all lost loved ones and gained super powers. They also learnt to hide amongst humankind and blend in.

A car crashes into Lena Parker, the sheltered and invulnerable daughter of the dead hero who brought the aliens to Earth.

Former teenage runaway Luke Far returns to school for the first time. He crashes into a rival family, the eccentricities of the school and spontaneous bouts of invisibility.

Then in the hospital, a man comatose for seventeen years stirs, watched by Kirsty Dwight, the black sheep of Fate Cove. When he wakes, the life these people made for themselves will never be the same.

Buy Lightning: Episode One here or read some free fiction to get a taste of Lightning’s style here.

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In the next month, there will also be more free fiction linked to the first novella as a kind of, ‘dlc’. There will be:

A post-apocalyptic-themed party the popular kids threw before episode one.

A classy adventure in chair fishing in the Fate Cove swamp.

A Tempest story about a different car incident to Lena Parker’s and technological devices plotting to kill a character.

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I'm a writer, a podcaster, a reviewer of games. Here's where I share my own fiction and my encounters with other people's.
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